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ka2smedia tribe are all around the world and treat every account like their own.

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Ancient ka2smedia were able to thrive by adapting to ever changing environments and making relationships with different settling clans as they traveled. ‍We are modern day ka2smedia - we adapt to the fast-paced changes in the Amazon PPC world and have built the business mostly by referrals and being transparent with all new potential partners.


528 Trees and 5 Projects Funded

Ka2smedia & Ecologi

ka2smedia helps businesses to sell more products on Amazon. Now its time for us to do our part and save the Amazon.

We plant one tree in the Amazon rainforest each month for every partner under our management on Amazon.

discover our values

Uncover the Power Behind Our Success: The KA2s media Values

Never Stop Learning

Never Stop Learning Hard work cannot be taught, but a relentless pursuit of knowledge keeps us ahead of the game.

Laser Focused

Laser Focused Stick with what works and master it, instead of spreading yourself too thin.

Honesty and Transparency

Honesty and Transparency Open communication and honesty are key in our relationships with partners and team members. Celebrate successes and tackle challenges together.

Simple Scale, Fancy Fail

Simple Scale, Fancy Fail Learning is easy, but imparting knowledge requires simplicity. We aim to make complex concepts accessible to all.

Power in Numbers

Power in Numbers Success is achieved faster through teamwork. Share your struggles and make the most of your team's abilities.

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