Maximize Your Profit with Amazon Advertising

Every minute, thousands of potential customers are actively searching for products like yours on Amazon. With Amazon Advertising, we ensure that your products stand out and capture the attention of these valuable shoppers."


100s of rule-based optimizations every week

Human Expertise

Amazon PPC management by top-tier digital strategists

Years of Data

We have millions of Amazon data points


We free your time so you can be an owner again


Amazon Advertising Experts Since 2018

For us, it's all about Amazon Ads. Why? Because they offer the immediate advantage of securing top positions in Amazon search results, translating into revenue streams beyond imagination. Executed correctly, Amazon Ads have the potential to outperform competitors, leaving them in the dust. We're dedicated to making that a reality for you.


Full Amazon PPC Management Service

Sponsored Products

You’ll appear when shoppers search relevant keywords. And, we’ll target weaker competitors and steal their sales.

Sponsored Brands

You’ll appear at the top of search results as a banner ad. And, we run video ads so your products jump off the screen.

New Campaigns

Our Amazon PPC managers are always launching new ad campaigns to keep you growing.

Amazon Bid Adjustments

We’ll make constant changes to your Amazon PPC bidding so that you get the most revenue for the lowest cost.

Search Terms Optimization

we are constantly adding positive and negative wasteful keywords and adding new, profit-generating ones.

Daily Budget Management

Your Amazon PPC manager will adjust budgets for maximum utility. Key for seasonal changes and holidays

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How We Took Everlast to 7+ Figures Using Amazon Ads

In this video I explain exactly how we took an Everlast distributor from $600k to $5 million in annual Amazon Sales in 5 months using only Amazon Ads.


We Help 1000s of Amazon Private Label Brands & Distributors every month

Distributors of some of the largest brands in the world trust AsteroidX because we’re specialists. This is all we do.

Struggling with Ads?

Our Amazon Experts are here to assist you. Let's take a look at your account together.

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