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Partnering with us means more than just hiring an outside agency, We function akin to an in-house advertising team dedicated solely to your needs

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Our approach sets us apart from typical Amazon ad software. We prioritize understanding customer psychology before making any decisions.

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How Ka2smedia Take Your Sales to New Heights

Enhance Your Amazon PPC for Increased Sales and Profits

At KA2s, we're committed to boosting your Amazon PPC performance with our tried-and-tested 3-phase strategy: organization, optimization, and scaling.

Advanced Hands-On Campaign Management

Experience a tailored approach to your Amazon PPC campaigns with our expert team, leveraging advanced techniques and personalized strategies to deliver outstanding results.

Consider Us Your Team Members

At KA2s, we're more than just a service provider – we're your trusted partners dedicated to your success. We prioritize close collaboration to address all your questions and concerns effectively.

Weekly Calls in the Initial Month, Transitioning to Bi-Weekly Calls

Campaign Optimization

At our core, we excel in optimizing Amazon PPC campaigns to deliver unparalleled results. With a hands-on approach, our team ensures every campaign reaches its full potential.

Continuous Communication

We recognize the significance of ongoing communication for Amazon brands. That's why we prioritize keeping our partners engaged and informed through regular updates and open channels of communication.

Weekly Audits

Our commitment extends to conducting monthly audits to continuously evaluate and elevate the performance of your Amazon PPC campaigns, ensuring they remain optimized for optimal results.

Monthly audit

We conduct monthly audits to continually evaluate and enhance the performance of your Amazon PPC campaigns for optimal results.

Bid and Placement Optimization

Specializing in bid and placement optimization, we ensure your Amazon PPC campaigns achieve maximum visibility and drive tangible results.

Market Share & Keyword Ranking Analysis

Through in-depth analysis of market share and keyword ranking, we uncover valuable insights to steer the optimization of your Amazon PPC campaigns effectively.


6 Figure Victory

It's been a fantastic journey collaborating with Sahil and the KA2s team. Thanks to their expertise, I've been able to shift my focus from worrying about mismanaged PPC campaigns to developing new products and expanding my business. In just six months of partnering with KA2s, our sales have skyrocketed from a low six-figure monthly revenue to a robust mid six-figure range. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone seeking exceptional results.
Category: Sports & Outdoor
Monthly PPC Spend: $40,000

Expectations Surpassed

They surpassed all my expectations! I've worked with various PPC management firms over the past 8 years, but none delivered satisfactory results until I partnered with Sonny and his team at Nomadz. They are truly exceptional at what they do and have significantly boosted my brand's performance beyond what I imagined.
Category: Office Products
Monthly PPC Spend: $30,000

Engaged and Accessible

What sets KA2s apart is their hands-on approach and availability. They're deeply familiar with my products, and when I reach out with a question, they provide direct answers. Unlike other agencies where inquiries go through multiple layers of personnel, with KA2s, I get immediate resolution.
Category: Pet Supplies
Monthly PPC Spend: $70,000

Trust the Ka2smedia process

Our 5-step ka2smedia process guarantees success in optimizing Amazon PPC campaigns.
Trust our proven method for success


We always start with a deep analysis of your specific business and target market. This helps us understand which strategy will work best for you.

Strategic Planning

Our team of experts will develop a cutting-edge Ads strategy to drive growth and scale for your business.

Goal Setting

We aim to help you reach your goals quickly by first understanding your definition of success.


Welcome aboard! Our focus now is on setting up Scale Insights, organizing the account, and creating reports.

Monitoring & Optimization​

We keep a close eye on your campaigns through constant monitoring and weekly reports to drive continuous improvements and handle the tedious work.


We aim to scale our campaigns by increasing the budget while continuously analyzing search terms and tracking performance.

Straight forward Pricing Model

Our pricing structure is straightforward, with no hidden fees or lengthy contracts. We believe in transparency, trust, and ensuring customer satisfaction, which is why we offer a simple one-page contract.

Growing Together with Fair Pricing

We operate on a minimal monthly retainer + commission-based pricing model for ad sales, ensuring that our growth is aligned with yours. By limiting the number of partners we work with, we can commit to long-term relationships and truly become part of your team.

Flexibility Without Constraints

With KA2s, there are no long-term contracts. Our partners have the freedom to discontinue our services at any time, and we embrace that flexibility."

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